Nick is enjoying being looked after by his mum. Caroline is sceptical about Archie looking after Alice. She is worried that he won't take care of her properly and does not approve of Nick paying Archie £60 per week. Joe asks Lynn if she has thought anymore about the beautiful Beckindale competition. She seems to be stalling him. Caroline angers Elizabeth when she starts to blame Elsa for dumping Alice which has led to Archie looking after her now. Elizabeth approves of Archie and says that they should thank him for getting Nick out of his depression. Sarah fishes for information when Annie receives a mystery letter from Spain. She is having a reunion with friends. Jack is still upset that Robert is banned from riding. Caroline is determined to object to Archie despite Elizabeth's protests. Lynn doesn't think that Beckindale needs a beautiful village campaign as it is already a pretty village. Elizabeth has found Seth's credit card in the waste bin. He is relieved. Chris is not happy to find that Kathy's mum is coming to stay. This attitude angers Kathy. Lynn dumps Peter on Archie. Alan has decided to open The Woolpack all day during the summer months. He wants Elizabeth to start taking over the stocktaking at the pub. When she refuses, he turns on her and says that she has to do anything that he tells her. Joe asks Lynn if she would fancy being his assistant at the holiday village. She turns him down. Melanie is having to push Mark to revise. Joe tells Elizabeth that he knows what Alan is like as a boss. He knows that she has good managerial skills and asks her about his assistants job. He offers to double her wages and give her some transport. Kathy and Chris row in front of Caroline when Chris decides to go out at short notice. Elizabeth talks the job offer over with Eric. He advises her to consider it and then suggests that maybe they could get a house together.


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