Elizabeth calls up at Emmerdale early in the morning. She wants to discuss things with Michael. He doesn't approve of her even thinking about working for Frank. She doesn't tell him about Eric's suggestion. Kathy and Chris row in front of Alex. Frank's insurers may not pay out for the ponies accident. Alan is rude to Carol as well. Elizabeth talks to Caroline about Eric's offer. She doesn't know what to do. She also tells her about the job offer. Frank defends Archie to Chris and Joe. Kathy is upset when Frank tells her to wind down her pony riding lessons. Eric tips Alan off that Joe has offered Elizabeth a job with more money. Alan then offers to refurbish Elizabeth's kitchen and pay her more money. Elizabeth is surprised, but pleased until she finds out that Eric had something to do with it. She tells him off for interfering in her life. Caroline is still trying to interfere in Nick's life. Annie insists that Joe believes Robert when he says that he did not leave the gate open and let the ponies out. She gets really angry with Joe, then Joe and Jack argue again. Robert overhears. Alan is trying to be friendlier with Elizabeth - he just ends up annoying her. Alex leaves Kathy and Chris a bottle of wine and they seem to make up. Carol finds out that Archie is childminding full-time for Nick and she looks surprised. Archie buys her a brandy for the shock. Elizabeth blows her top with Michael and they argue; she is touchy about people interfering in her life. Mark decides that it is not worth him revising as he is not going to pass his exams. Joe just wants a quiet drink in The Woolpack, but ends up being told off by Alan and then Kathy. Robert overhears Jack and Sarah discussing the pony incident; he is really upset.


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