Robert doesn't like the idea of Christine marrying Joe, believing she is belittling herself. Ethel admits to Henry that she'd rather marry Amos than Dan.


Henry explains to Amos that Christine's father feels she would be belittling herself marrying Joe. Sam receives a postcard saying his glasses are ready to pick up. He's adamant there isn't anything wrong with his eyesight. Amos gets Henry to answer the phone in The Woolpack, fearing it's Ethel. He has a shock when she knocks on the back door. She wants to know why he's been so reluctant to speak to her on the telephone and is amused when she finds he's jealous over the time she's been spending with Dan Middleton. He leaves Henry with her. Ethel admits to Henry that she never really liked Dan Middleton and that Amos is a much better man and she thinks he'd make an ideal husband. Reverend Ruskin calls to see Annie and asks for her help to stop Dorrie Lumm who's trying to get Letty Brewer thrown out of the Mother's Union. Dry persuades Franklin to drink a beer rather than a whiskey in the pub. Annie tries to trick Sam into accepting that he needs glasses. Joe is tactically brought into the conversation and he walks in hearing himself being spoken about. The discussion soon turns into in argument between Joe and Sam and Joe announces to the family that he's sick of being taken for a mug by them and storms out. Franklin invites Dry back to Crossthwaite's Cottage for a coffee. They speak philosophically about life.


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