Kathy finds the gas fire on again. She writes a letter to her mum to tell her that Alice seems fine. Archie is taking his duties seriously and is taking Alice to the toy library. Alan is worried about the takings at The Woolpack and has Elizabeth check over the books again. He is worried because the takings are up and he doesn't know why. Chris and Kathy accuse Alex of leaving the fire on again. Lynn is put out when Archie says that he cannot look after Peter. He is busy cooking Alice a nutritional meal. Alan thinks that perhaps Rachel is responsible for the increase in takings. Kathy is going to give Robert another riding lesson. Lynn tells Kathy that she thinks that Archie owes her. Frank piles a lot of work on Nick and Joe does the same. Alice refuses to eat her dinner. Seth is stalking a pigeon. Eric is put off calling at Elizabeth's when he sees Michael. Joe finds Lynn having a drink by herself. She is feeling down. Archie ends up giving Alice chocolate. Seth tells Jack about some holidaymakers who might have left the ponies gate open. Jack tries to convince Joe who agrees to talk to Frank especially when Jack threatens to scatter his manure on the day of the grand opening of the holiday village. Nick is overworked. Chris feels the same and Kathy ends up going out with Alex for the evening. Michael finds Elizabeth sitting thoughfully on the swings and thinks that Eric has upset her. She gets mad with him and he storms off. Joe has not managed to convince Frank that Robert was not responsible for leaving the gate open. Michael confronts Eric in The Woolpack and tells him to get out Elizabeth's life. He then hits him and Eric ends up with a bloody nose.


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