Diana explodes with rage upon discovering Franklin gave up drinking because of Dryden, not her. Meanwhile, Amos is worried Ethel will propose to him, and tries to put her off.


Henry receives an invite to a party at the Vicarage. Christine goes looking for Joe. Wally talks with Henry about Reverend Ruskin's visiting of the Roman Catholic church, saying he's trying to convert people. He plans to form a protest. Henry gives him a piece of his mind by telling him he doesn't give a damn and he doesn't go in for conspiracies. Christine finds Joe by the riverbank and tries to explain to him that Annie was trying to persuade Sam to have his glasses. She gets Joe to return to the farmhouse where Annie apologies to him. Reverend Ruskin invites the Sugden family to the party at the Vicarage but Annie realises Sam hasn't been invited. Ethel visits Amos and disturbs his afternoon nap. She compliments his forehead and wonders if Amos is lonely. She sets about giving the backroom of The Woolpack "the woman's touch". Dry's words about drinking have had an effect on Franklin as he appears to have given up drinking whiskey, but refuses to throw it out of the house. Diana's angry that it's taken Dry to convince him to give up, when he wouldn't give up for her. Annie and Henry try to sort fair payment to Dry and discuss whether they should begin to pay Christine for her work. Annie asks Henry's opinion on what he thinks Matt's intentions are to Alison as Joe and Christine have shown interest in Hawthorn Cottage. Henry advises Annie to run the idea by Matt and see how he feels. He arrives home later to discover flowers and seat covers in the backroom of The Woolpack and discovers Ethel is responsible. Amos is upset as he's sure that Ethel wants to marry him. Henry tells him that he'll make sure that doesn't happen.


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