Annie receives another letter from Spain, but refuses to open it in front of Jack. Archie offers to look after Peter for Lynn while she goes to work. She doesn't want any favours from him though and has arranged for a Mrs Barlow from the village to look after him. Lynn calls Archie a scrounger again and says that he is taking advantage of her just like he took advantage of old Bill. Archie is offended by this and says that he is glad that Bill never knew what a vindictive little bitch his grandson married. Kim is getting frustrated doing nothing. She is surprised that Neil has been finding the time to help out with the horses. Carol is not looking forward to working with Lynn. Sarah and Jack are dipping the shearlings. Joe calls up to see Mark. Neil calls at the stables again. He chats Kathy up. Eric practices Elizabeth's new name. She asks Eric about his divorce and he says that it will be through any day now. They decide to live in the cottage rather than Eric's flat. Annie is disappointed that Mark felt that he could not talk to anyone about how he was feeling. She tells him that he has got to please himself in future and she intends to do the same. Sarah fancies having a holiday and suggests going skiing. Jack says that he is too old to learn. She challenges him to go to the dry ski slope in Skipdale and have a go. Neil offers to loan Kim one of his stablehands for a while. Kim is put out that Kathy is coping without her. Chris starts on Kathy as soon as she arrives home. He resents her working late. Elizabeth does not want to live with Eric before they get married. He manages to get her to agree that he can stay at the weekends. Archie moves into 3 Demdyke Row. Melanie blanks Mark at The Woolpack. Sarah has booked Jack a lesson at the dry ski slope for the weekend. He is horrified. Kathy and Chris enjoy their time alone together. Carol is being ordered about by both Alan and now Lynn. Nick fancies having a party.


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