Archie is looking after Nick and Alice. Nick tries and fails to persuade Archie to talk to Lynn. Kim wants Frank to stop fussing over her. Joe encourages Mark to keep trying with Melanie. He agrees, in the meantime, to help out at the holiday village. Carol hints to Alan that it is not right for Eric and Elizabeth to live together. Lynn storms over to 3 Demdyke Row and tells Archie that he left something behind when he moved out - his coffin. A woman arrives at the holiday village and Mark helps her to move some stuff into a chalet. She tells him that her mum has just bought the chalet and she is delivering things for her. They seem to flirt a bit. She tells Mark that she has been a legal secretary for ten years and he tells her that she doesn't look old enough. Archie doesn't know what to do about the coffin. They seem to become friends again. Lynn admits that she can be a cow at times. Dan tells Mark that everyone admires his bravery at school, but that Melanie is seeing someone else now. Mark seems to quite fancy the new woman at the holiday village now anyway. Nick notices the coffin. Everyone is pressuring Eric and Elizabeth for a wedding date. Carol really annoys Michael and Lynn with her gossiping. She then has to deal with Lorraine who is sitting outside the pub with a can of lager. She makes her go home. Kim wants to expand the pony trekking. Frank doesn't show much interest. Archie and Nick plan the party. Eric and Elizabeth agree on 3rd October for their wedding. Nick is stunned when a woman arrives at the cottage and tells him that there has been a mix up and they have both got the wrong babies. She wants her baby back and snatches Alice.


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