Nick is frantic as the woman continues to claim that Alice is not his daughter. They are waiting at the police station for the hospital records to be checked. Elsa is in Portugal on holiday. Archie is with him. It is Annie's birthday. She has got a bunch of flowers from Amos. Frank is looking for Nick. Carol lets slip to Elizabeth that Alan doesn't want her living in the cottage with Eric once they are married. Lorraine flirts with Mark at the holiday village. She tells him that all the girls at school are impressed by him walking out on his exams and that he could take his pick of them now - her included. Annie receives a mysterious parcel from Spain. Joe and Jack are intrigued - it is a photograph of a ruined church in Barcelona. Michael visits Lynn. She persuades him to stay for dinner. Nick and Archie leave the police station at last - the woman has been proved wrong. Lynn tells Michael to accept Eric. He appreciates the chat. Eric tells Elizabeth to ask Alan about the cottage. Archie explains to Frank why Nick has been missing from work all day. The woman was a mental patient and has been re-admitted to a psychiatric ward. Jack sneaks a look at Annie's present, but cannot make out the name of the mystery man. Elizabeth asks Alan directly if he is going to turf her out of her cottage when she is married. He is shamed into saying no, but is furious with Carol. Lorraine asks Joe for a job. She promises that she won't cause any trouble. Joe tells Mark that Lorraine obviously fancies him. Mark already knows. Kim is getting annoyed with Frank for treating her with kid gloves. Nick is touchy about anyone taking Alice. He starts to cry at the ordeal that he has just been through. Kim tries to talk to Frank about the miscarriage. He has decided that he definitely wants a child now. He wants to try as soon as Kim is ready. She doesn't look so sure.


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  • A police officer who speaks to Nick Bates is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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