Diana's worries cause another row between her and Franklin about his alcoholism. Matt breaks down upon realising it's nearly a year after Peggy's death.


Dryden makes the finishing touches to the window in the attic. Henry plans to call Ethel and have her come over so they can tell her straight that Amos doesn't want to marry her. Franklin discovers that Diana hasn't told him about the party at the Vicarage and has refused on his behalf. Christine asks Annie about Hawthorn Cottage and if she thinks Matt will return to it. Henry tries to get Dry to name a price for the attic, but he insists Henry pay him what he wants. Franklin confronts Diana over the party invitation. He wants to know why she refused the invite on his behalf despite knowing he's in the village on the day of the party. He accuses her of being ashamed of him. She tells him it's because she's worried that he'll return to drinking again. Ethel arrives at The Woolpack. Matt falls silent when Annie mentions that Joe and Christine might be considering asking him if they can move into Hawthorn Cottage after their wedding. He gets upset as he realises it's nearly a year since Peggy died.


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