Amos confesses to Ethel that he doesn't want to marry her, so she hits back saying that she thought he needed a friend as he was lonely. Edward still continues to be cold towards Wally, hitting out at him in all but name.


Henry mediates the conversation between Amos and Ethel. Amos blurts out that he doesn't want to marry her and she'd better go. Ethel tells him that he shouldn't waste his time asking as she was only ever interested in him as a friend, noting how lonely he was. She accuses Amos of being under Henry's thumb and accuses him of ruining their friendship and leaves. Henry believes she was saving herself pride. Amos ponders her words. Later Henry visits the farmhouse to survey the work on the attic and tries to get Dry to name his price again. He thinks Dry is trying to get the best price out of him by choosing not to name a price. Dry pointedly tells him that he won't accept any offer now in order to prove himself. Henry asks Matt whether he thinks Christine deserves a wage. Matt says she does as if she wasn't helping, they'd have to bring in somebody else. Reverend Ruskin gives another emotive sermon in church, hitting out at Wally in all but name. Ethel surprises Amos by calling in at The Woolpack again. She tries to patch up their differences and asks if Henry is in the back. When she finds out he isn't, she goes through to the back to cleanup. Franklin tells Diana he's decided to go to the vicar's party. Henry talks to Joe about whether Christine should receive the same pay as him and Matt. Franklin goes to The Woolpack and buys himself and Dry a small bitter. Matt apologises to Annie for getting upset. Henry announces over dinner that Christine is now on the books and they all celebrate.


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  • TV Times synopsis: All's fair in love... as Amos discovers when Ethel sets out to lead him astray about her intentions.
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