Joe and Christine go drinking in Bradford, and come back with interesting gossip about Ethel. Sam kicks up a fuss about the party at the Vicarage.


Henry tries to quickly escape from The Woolpack when Ethel turns up again, telling Amos he's not getting involved anymore. Joe, Christine, Annie and Henry try to persuade Sam that there's probably just been a mix-up with the party invitations, but he's adamant he's not going unless he gets one. Joe and Christine go into Bradford to get paint for the attic. Amos does his best to avoid Ethel and ends up inviting Dry into the backroom for lunch so as not to be alone with her. Franklin asks Diana if she'd mind him inviting Dry for dinner. Henry tries to help Sam with his garden but Sam accuses him of trying to take over. Matt's put out when he's supposed to be meeting Alison but Joe rings to say he's gone to the pictures with Christine, meaning he has to do the milking. Annie asks Henry and Sam to do it. Franklin, Diana and Dry sit down to dinner together. They discuss Amos and Ethel. Joe and Christine rush into Matt and Alison in The Woolpack and inform them they've seen Ethel in a pub in Bradford knocking back port and lemon one after another. Amos is shocked to overhear. Sam is grumpy at being woken up when they return to the farmhouse but is keen to hear the gossip about Ethel.


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