Lorraine has stayed the night at Lynn's. Michael is curious as to why she is staying. He thinks that she must be pregnant. Lynn can't tell him what the problem is, but asks him to look after Peter for the day. Chris has got the DIY bug again and Kathy is worried. Lorraine is determined to tell the authorities about her father. She threatens to kill her father and still does not want to talk to her mother. Jack complains to Annie about Mark's lazy attitude now that he has started working on the farm. Sarah is pleased when Annie invites her personally to the Emmerdale Farm shareholders meeting. Lynn suggests to Lorraine that she tells the police everything and promises that she will take her and stay with her all the time. Michael finds a friend in Archie. Carol calls to ask Elizabeth if she has seen Lorraine. She is really worried now and even asks Alan, but he is really nasty to her and tells her to leave the bar. Lynn and Lorraine arrive at Hotten Police Station. Lorraine has told her whole story to a policewoman. She tells Lorraine that her mum has put her on a missing persons list and is worried about her. The policewoman assures her that a social worker will visit Diane, her dad's girlfriend, straight away and assess the risk to Jenny, her daughter. A social worker will also want to talk to Lorraine. Lynn finds it hard to believe that Carol knew nothing about it. Michael lies to Carol about Lorraine's whereabouts. Kathy tells Chris that he is jealous of Lynn. Eric arrives home to Elizabeth's cottage. He tells her that she will have to face Michael sometime. Tinker has gone missing again. Carol arrives at Lynn's in a furious state. She realises that Lorraine is there and demands to see her. Lynn stands up to her and tells her that she cannot see Lorraine until she is ready. When Lorraine does appear Carol tells her to come home, but Lorraine just walks off saying that she is staying at Lynn's.


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