Michael tries to be nice to Lorraine again. She is pretending to be tough, but cannot stop crying. She tells Lynn that she wants to kill her dad. Lynn tries to persuade her that the best way to hurt her father is to talk to her mum and then they can take him to court. Lorraine is still against that. Lynn tells her that she met Pete when she was Lorraine's age and that they were married for six years. Lorraine thought about getting pregnant. Carol is spending her time cleaning to forget about Lorraine. She is surprised to get a phone call from Lynn. Lorraine wants to see her. Carol is stubborn and refuses to go up to Lynn's house. Lynn calls to see her and Carol resents her interference. She persists and eventually Carol gives in. Michael makes himself scarce again when Lynn turns up with Carol. She immediately has a go at Lorraine for smoking and is aggressive. They row as Carol is so suspicious of her daughter. Lorraine then just tells her straight about what her father has done. Carol thinks that she is lying. Carol cannot believe that her husband abused Lorraine and that she never knew. She calms down enough to listen to Lorraine's story, but Lorraine has gone missing. She has sprayed on Derek's garage that he is a child abuser. Lynn and Carol arrive to take her home. Lorraine throws a stone through her dad's front window. She agrees to go home though. Michael and Archie take Peter and Alice to feed the ducks. Lorraine tells her mum that it all started on her seventh birthday when her dad bought her a red bicycle. Her dad wanted her to show him how much she liked the present and then made her keep it a secret from her mum. Carol doesn't want to believe her, but Lorraine tells her that she is speaking out now because Jenny is seven years old. Her dad used to wait until Carol went out to work at night before he came into her bedroom. She makes Carol realise the horror of the truth and she blames herself. Lorraine feels that her mum has never loved her so she started going out with boys from the age of eleven. She says that she felt upset when her dad stopped abusing her because she thought that he didn't love her anymore. She is reunited with her mum after all this.


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