Ethel informs Amos that she has gotten engaged to Mr. Snape and asks for him to never talk to her again. Wally's feud with Edward gets him thrown out of The Woolpack. Meanwhile, Sam snaps out of his petty behaviour when an upset Liz gives him a call.


Amos fills Henry in on what happened with Ethel yesterday when Dry joined them for lunch. He says he ended up telling Ethel that he'd got Dry there to be his "chaperone" and she flew off the handle saying he'd broken her heart. He informs Henry that Joe and Christine saw her drinking port and lemon in The White Lion in Bradford following the incident. Annie sets off for Hotten to pick up her glasses. Dry is still adamant he doesn't want paying for his work on the attic. Wally starts a petition up against Reverend Ruskin and attempts to get customers in The Woolpack to sign it, Henry kicks him out. Later, Henry sits in the backroom as Ethel cleans around him. He tries to offload washing and ironing on her and Ethel wants to have things out with him once and for all. He offers to take her through to the bar and buy her a port and lemon. She mentions that Amos told her that Henry was getting him mixed up in a scheme to spend all of his savings to rebuild The Woolpack and is clearly disappointed when Henry tells her that all of Amos's savings went into buying The Woolpack in the first place. Dry prepares for work on Franklin's cupboard. Henry tries to persuade Amos to confront Ethel, but he runs out of the door instead. Sam receives a call from Liz asking if he's received an invite to the party; noting how upset she sounds to be asking, he tells her he has. Annie gives Dry a present for his work on the attic - a wallet. He gives her a hug and a peck on the cheek. Amos returns late to discover a letter from Ethel saying that she's failed with him and asks him not to contact her again. She also informs him that the landlord of The White Lion, Mr. Snape, has proposed to her and she intends to accept. Amos is pleased.


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