Sarah tells Annie that Jack did not sleep last night. Annie thinks that Jack is avoiding her and should face up to the problem. Sarah loses her temper with Annie because of her lack of thought for Jack. He has no option but to sell the farm if she really wants her share bought out. Elizabeth is determined that Eric should sell the spitfire. Tinker has strayed again. Annie tells Sarah that perhaps the farm is going to go bankrupt anyway so isn't it better if Jack sells now. Sarah tells her that she should talk to Jack if that is how she feels. Lorraine is not pulling her weight at Lynn's. Carol hands her notice in at The Woolpack because she can no longer face anyone. She thinks that everyone knows about her problems with Lorraine. Kim tells Kathy that she is going off to see a client. They both know that she is going to meet Neil. Annie agrees not to push Jack into anything. Alan visits Carol at home. She starts to cry and he doesn't know why. She then tells him everything and explains that she feels so guilty. Alan is shocked, but tells her that neither he nor Lynn will betray her. He also says that he wants her to come back to work as soon as she is ready. Kim and Neil are having a secret meeting. She tells him that Kathy knows everything. She starts to say that he should go away for a while, but she cannot bear to be parted from him. They agree to be more careful in future. Eric's Spitfire has broken down on his way back from picking up Tinker. He cadges a lift from Kim and Neil who are passing. Frank asks Kathy if she knows Kim's whereabouts. She hates lying for Kim. Archie tells Nick that he met a nice divorcee at the childminding course. Nick is jealous. Kathy asks Lynn's advice about Kim, although she does not mention her name. Lynn works out who it is though. Lynn tells her to keep quiet. Annie has waited up for Jack as he has been avoiding her. He thinks that she is blackmailing him.


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