Dorrie tries to get Edward to see Wally, but Liz doesn't think it's a good idea. The Sugden family's discussion about Letty getting kicked out of the mother's union continues to push Joe's decision to not have a church wedding further.


Following Reverend Ruskin's recent sermon, Wally's wife, Dorrie, takes up the cudgels and calls at the Vicarage. She asks if Reverend Ruskin can come down to see Wally. Liz doesn't think it's a good idea and Dorrie leaves unhappy. Franklin wakes feeling rough. Diana think it's withdrawal symptoms from not drinking. Matt discusses Hawthorn Cottage with Annie. He says he won't take another bride into that house. Annie questions whether it's for his, hers or Peggy's sake. Matt admits he doesn't know. Amos reckons that Beckindale's heading for a crisis with the disagreement between Wally and Reverend Ruskin. Joe wants to come over with Christine to pick up a dress from her father's but she isn't keen in case they cross paths. Diana wants Franklin to see the doctor when he can't bring himself to eat, but he won't. He tells her he still wants her to go to the Vicarage party tonight even if he can't. Over lunch Sam, Matt, Joe and Annie discuss Letty Brewer potentially being thrown out of the mother's union as she plans to divorce Mick. Annie explains that the rules state that divorced mothers are not allowed as wedding service says "For better or worse" and the union is part of the church. Joe says he thinks that's the best argument he's heard for not getting married in church. Franklin calls in at The Woolpack and orders a half to Amos and Henry's surprise.


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Memorable dialogue

Sam Pearson: "I reckon there ought to be a father's union!"
Joe Sugden: "'Ere 'ere grandad."
Annie Sugden: "You've got that already, th' meeting's every night in t'pub."

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