Wally and Dorrie gatecrash Edward's party and try to poison the guests mind against Letty, but they get a grilling from Annie.


Joe arrives into the farmhouse with sawdust in his eye. Annie struggles to find it. They're surprised when Sam, wearing his glasses, finds it immediately and removes it with his handkerchief. Diana is annoyed when she returns from cancelling at the Vicarage to discover Franklin has been at The Woolpack. He says he went to the pub so everybody would see him and they would have to go to the party. He admits he's anxious of going as everybody will be drinking. Annie, Joe, Christine, Matt and Henry prepare to go the party at the Vicarage later. Sam realises they need to think of something to take along. Alison calls at The Woolpack to borrow an iron after hers breaks. Joe, Sam, Matt, Alison and Henry have a pre-drink in The Woolpack. The Prescotts arrive at the Vicarage, shortly followed by Annie and Christine who wonder where the rest of the family are. Joe rings the farm to see if they're on their way down to The Woolpack but gets no answer. Realising the misunderstanding, Annie rings Amos from the Vicarage to send them over. They all pile out the door just as Wally and Dorrie are arriving. Reverend Ruskin and Annie discuss Letty at the party. Wally and Dorrie gatecrash the party and inform Reverend Ruskin in front of everyone that Letty has taken out divorce papers. Wally questions the women at the party on whether they'd want divorced women at the union. Annie steps in and reminds him that it's a Christian matter and Jesus stood up for women a lot worse than Letty.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The Ruskins have arranged a simple party to encourage their parishioners to meet each other. But, as it turns out, they get more than they bargained for...
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