Elizabeth hides Meg's ornament on the windowsill and remembers that Seth stayed the night when she sees Smokie. Jack and Sarah arrive at Emmerdale Farm for the last milking session. The farmhouse feels cold and damp. Sarah worries about not telling Annie. Seth moves Meg's ornament to the front of the windowsill. Lynn drops Peter off with Archie. He has just tried to talk to Zoe, but Frank put the phone down on him. Carol makes sure that there is some money in her purse and she leaves it on top of her bag. Jack and Sarah lead the dairy herd to Geoff Thomas' farm. Lorraine steals £5 from her mum's purse and then accepts another couple of pounds from her. Carol now knows that her daughter has been stealing from her. Zoe ignores the phone. Alan asks Seth how he is and then invites him to dinner. Alan notices a crack in one of the walls. This confirms Seth's view that the whole village is sinking. Frank tells Zoe that Archie has been ringing her. Sarah insists that they get a thorough survey on any property they buy. She doubts that they are going to find a new farmhouse in Beckindale. Mark is working with Seth. He is going to show him how to lay a trap. Seth admits that he loves his job. Jack thinks that some of his ewes are suffering from twin lamb disease. Zoe finally answers the phone to Archie. She agrees to go to supper. Sarah likes the new milking shed. She is worried that Annie will come home before they have found somewhere to live. Seth talks to Mark about missing Meg. Mark suggests that he takes a holiday. Seth regrets not taking Meg away. He gives Mark a cap that Meg knitted. Alan is giving Seth toad in the hole tonight. He has set the table. Seth gives him a statue of Blackpool Tower and tells him that it was one of Meg's most prized possessions. Archie tells Zoe that she is probably doing the right thing going to Edinburgh. She asks him if he will miss her, but then Elizabeth interrupts them. Alan has trouble getting rid of Seth and ends up letting him stay. Carol confronts Lorraine about stealing from her purse. Lorraine denies it and they have a nasty row.


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