Edward is annoyed that Dorrie has had the audacity to tell Letty that she is banned from the mother's union, despite everyone else disagreeing with Dorrie.


Reverend Ruskin and Liz explain to Henry that Mick and his and Letty's children are Roman Catholic, while Letty isn't and that Dorrie thinks Letty carries the plague with her. Reverend Ruskin also explains that Mick thinks Letty isn't bringing the children up in the proper faith and that is why he goes for her. Diana's surprised when Franklin's upbeat and talks of decorating the cottage. Dry explains to Annie that he went into Hotten yesterday to borrow a book but was turned away as he wasn't on the electoral register. He asks Annie if she could guarantee him in order for him to become a member. She agrees. Henry considers getting a chef at The Woolpack. Franklin calls to see Dry at the farm to check on plans for his cupboard. Letty visits Reverend Ruskin at the Vicarage. She says Dorrie's come to see her and has banned her from the Mother's Union. Reverend Ruskin tells her that the Mother's Union doesn't ban divorced mothers anymore, so Dorrie's wrong. She explains that Mick wants her to leave as well and if she does, he'll mend his ways. Reverend Ruskin realises that she doesn't really want to divorce Mick. He tells her to stay quiet and go and see Father Dougan at the Roman Catholic church in Hotten next week.


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