Chris arrives at work to find Frank there. He tells Chris that he is divorcing Kim and he does not want Chris to interfere. Alan reminds Elizabeth to pick up a crab for his dinner party. Sarah is worried how they are going to cope on the farm once Michael's trial starts. They hope that he will not go to prison. Michael thanks Sarah for giving him a job. Kathy tells Chris that Frank is being cited in Kim's divorce petition for continuous physical cruelty and mental torture since they got married. Chris is sure that she will win and is furious with his dad. Carol tells Alan that she will have to leave early today. He is busy cooking for the dinner party. Zoe has got something to tell Archie. Alan is lonely, but will not admit it to anyone. Miss Jeffries has called at Carol's. She says that Lorraine is doing okay at school and is particularly good at art. However she seems to be buying presents for people at school as a way of 'buying' friends. Carol admits that Lorraine has been stealing. Miss Jeffries suggests to Carol that she speaks to a social worker about Lorraine. Michael is thinking back over the last few months, it hasn't been good. Lorraine resents her teacher's interference and she feels that her mum does not trust her. Zoe wants to talk to Archie, but Lynn arrives. Lorraine tries to blackmail Michael into giving her some more money because he is late for his curfew. He doesn't care though. Carol is insensitive towards Seth when she mentions something about being lonely. The dinner party guests take their places in The Woolpack backroom. They discuss their jobs and their lives. Zoe tells Archie that she has got an interview for the job in Edinburgh. She is not keen on a city based job. Alice interrupts them. Chris laughs at the thought of Kathy driving a HGV. This sets her a challenge. Seth then interrupts Zoe and Archie and asks for a cup of sugar. He ends up staying for a cup of cocoa. Everyone has enjoyed their meal. Alan feels lonely when he closes up The Woolpack and hears everyone leaving.


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