It is the final day of Michael's trial. He is due to give evidence today. Elizabeth is not optimistic. Lorraine's social worker is due today, but Lorraine does not want to see her. She rows with Carol. Archie rings up to speak to Zoe. Frank gives Joe his orders for the holiday village. He refuses to talk about Kim though. Neil wants Kim to come for a meal with his friends. She wishes that he had asked her first. Michael's solicitor briefs him before he takes the stand. Joe telephones Kim and she suggests meeting for a drink. They agree on The Woolpack. Jayesh and Sangeeta are taking Rachel out for the day. She sees Eric going into a bank. Steve is blaming Michael for the robbery. He claims that he hit Joe. Alan is feeling in need of a holiday. Seth tells him that Mark is making a good apprentice. Kim surprises everyone when she walks into The Woolpack. Zoe drives straight past Archie. Rachel, Jayesh and Sangeeta end up at a fair. Steve is setting Michael up. Joe arrives to meet Kim. Carol and Seth watch them. She tells Joe that Neil wanted to buy her some stables. She doesn't like to be dependent on anyone. Rachel thanks Jayesh for taking her mind off Michael's trial. Michael takes the stand. Neil doesn't like the fact that Kim has gone out without telling him. Michael gets a hard time from the prosecution in court. Lorraine has deliberately missed her social worker. All the defendants are found guilty of burglary and are sentenced. William Moody and James Cartmell - 6 months, Steve Marshal - 6 months and suspended 6 months. Michael is sent to prison for 4 months.


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