Michael wakes up in his prison cell. Elizabeth has been crying all night. Kim tells Neil that she may take on the stables if she can pay him back. Steve threatens Michael in prison. Alan has booked a 15-day Mediterranean cruise. Carol lets slip to Frank that Joe met Kim in The Woolpack yesterday. The Sugdens have got to move into a new holiday cottage. Alan suggests that they move into The Woolpack while he is away. Steve finds Michael again and is nasty. Rachel has called round to see Elizabeth. She wants to visit Michael. Elizabeth is worried about seeing him in prison. Archie finds Frank drunk. Alan brings Elizabeth a bunch of flowers. She asks him about the singles evening that he attended. He says it wasn't really what he wanted and admits that he is lonely. Lorraine calls up to see Lynn. She admits that she has not been to school today. Lynn tells her to see the social worker. She gets angry when Lorraine denies stealing from her. Zoe comes home to find Archie waiting for her. He tells her that he does not want to be one of her one night stands. She tells him that she is considering not going to Edinburgh. Joe has met Kim in The Woolpack again. She tells him that she is seeing a different side to Neil now. Michael finds Steve in his cell. He asks him to keep out of his way and Steve agrees. Kim tells Neil that she knows that he is ashamed of her. She tells him that she is leaving him.


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