Archie is finding it difficult to ask Seth to leave. Seth deliberately misunderstands him and offers to pay board instead. Lorraine claims to have the day off school. A salesman is trying to sell a new brand of beer - Bloodaxe - to Alan. Alan isn't interested. Annie has written to Jack to tell him that she will be home soon. He is dreading telling her about the farmhouse. Bob Thorley asks to speak to Eric at the market. Chris calls round to Lynn's. He asks her to stop encouraging Frank to drink. She refuses. He accuses her of being unprofessional in serving an alcoholic. Bob wants to sell his milking herd. He is thinking of giving up farming. Joe finds Kim looking around the holiday village. He takes her back to the office. Jack has got a couple of students working for him during lambing time. Jack wants to go to London to meet Annie. Eric calls up to see Jack and Sarah and tells them that he may have a property for them. Alan is looking at a brochure for his holiday. The salesman comes back into The Woolpack and notices that Alan is going away. He chats Lynn up. Kim wants Joe to help her buy a car. She thinks that Frank will want her to accept a smaller settlement if he knows she has left Neil and is desperate. Seth wangles a free sample of Bloodaxe. Alan is relieved when he says that it is awful. Kathy has been out all day. Lorraine changes her mind and decides to go to the pictures with Carol. Archie tries to talk to Seth again. He tells Archie that he misses Meg after 41 years. Frank comes into the wine bar and orders champagne. Zoe is going to stand Archie up until he complains. Alan feels uncomfortable when Kim comes in The Woolpack. He knows that Frank is in the wine bar. Zoe and Archie argue. She tells him that she is taking the job in Edinburgh and wants him to come with her. Kim and Frank come face to face in the pub. He is abusive and she leaves. Alan then tells Frank to go as well. Archie cannot make a commitment to Zoe.


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