Eric calls round to Bob Thorley's farm to discuss the sale of his cattle - he has 660 pedigree friesians. He mentions that he may have a buyer for his farm if he wants to sell. Bob is unfriendly. Zoe admits to Chris that she is in a bad mood, but will not tell him why. She is having to look after Frank. He is hungover again. Alan gives Lynn her orders before he leaves for his holiday. Rachel, Sangeeta and Jayesh are working out at a gym in preparation for the fell race. Eric tells Jack and Sarah about Bob Thorley's farm. Jack remembers that Matt and Peggy used to live there as did Joe when it was Hawthorn Cottage. Eric wants to act as a go-between. Seth shows Mark how to handle a pheasant. He tells Mark that he intends to leave 3 Demdyke Row soon, but is letting Nick and Archie sweat. Archie is considering Zoe's offer, but doesn't want to go to Edinburgh. Nick thinks that he is scared. Rachel receives a letter from Michael in prison. Seth gives Nick a dead hare. Nick is appalled. Rachel is thoughtful after reading Michael's letter. Jayesh wants to know what he said and if she is going to write back to him - she is. Seth is really making a nuisance of himself and Nick tries to tell him to leave, but is interrupted. Chris and Kathy eat in the wine bar. Sarah is there and mentions that they do not know where Annie will sleep at Easter. Kathy offers Mill Cottage. Archie drags Seth out so that Nick and Julie can be alone. Frank and Zoe arrive in The Woolpack. Archie feels awkward. Joe tells Jack and Sarah about Kim leaving Neil. Lynn overhears and immediately tells Kathy. Rachel re-reads Michael's letter. He has asked her to visit him in prison. Kathy tells Chris and Zoe about Kim. Lynn informs Frank. He immediately goes to confront Joe and tries to start a fight with him. He wants to see Joe in his office tomorrow. He feels betrayed.


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