Carol is going to a support group in Hotten. Fiona is taking her. She asks to meet Lorraine later. Frank apologises to Joe for his behaviour last night. He wants Joe to give him Kim's address so that he can talk to her. Joe refuses and says that he will speak to Kim himself. Archie is confused by Zoe's behaviour. Nick tells him to be more demonstrative. The Sugdens are moving into The Woolpack. Kim phones Frank. He wants to meet her. Chris hears a lot of noise outside in the haulage yard. Kathy is driving a HGV. Sarah sneaks a look at Hawthorn Cottage. Bob Thorley is there. They realise that Eric is stringing them both along for money. Kathy has driven a lorry to The Woolpack. Chris is proud of her. Kim and Frank meet. She is cool with him. Kim lists all the things that Frank has done since they split up - slashing her clothes, threatening her with a gun, drunken behaviour. He wants to make it up to her. Jack and Sarah discuss farming with Bob. He is depressed about the future. Jack tells him that he has formed a cooperative for the dairy herd with Geoff Thomas. Kim agrees to see Frank again. Rachel has decided to go and see Michael. She tells Sangeeta. Lorraine meets Fiona at a fish and chip shop. Fiona suggests that Lorraine meets one of her colleagues. Eric is taking Elizabeth to Paris for the weekend. He claims to have sold a piece of furniture for a good profit. Nick and Archie decide to tackle Seth together. Everyone thinks that Eric is romantic. Robert is banned from playing on the fruit machine in the pub. Lorraine agrees to do the publicity for the fell race. Robert is upset when Eric wins on the fruit machine. Eric ends up having to give the money back to him.


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