Sarah and Jack are tired from lambing. Joe arrives and tells them that Bob Thorley wants to see them. Mark is in training. Lorraine's new social worker, Beth Anderson, arrives. She asks to take Lorraine out for tea. Rachel arrives at Home Farm for a visit. She brings her dirty laundry with her. Jack and Sarah have gone up to Hawthorn Cottage to see Bob. He has decided to accept their offer. They are delighted. There is sign of poachers at the fish farm. Seth thinks that it is probably herons. Eric and Elizabeth are back from Paris. Beth has taken Lorraine for fish and chips. She admits that she finds art therapeutic. They seem to get on. Lorraine admits that she stole money from Lynn. Hawthorn Cottage needs a lot of work. Rachel is cooking a meal at The Woolpack. She says that it feels strange not coming back to a farmhouse. Frank sets the table in preparation for a visit from Kim. He has a quick drink. Rachel mentions that she saw Eric going into the Bank of England in Leeds. Elizabeth wants to know what he was doing. He claims to have been asking about some foreign coins. Archie and Zoe are having a meal together. Elizabeth doesn't believe Eric's story about his trip to the Bank of England and he admits that he was cashing in Seth's old notes. He got £500 and gave Seth £20. Kim arrives at Home Farm. Elizabeth is appalled at Eric's deception. She writes Seth a cheque. Frank tells Kim about Kathy passing her HGV test. Lorraine shows her mum the poster that she has done advertising the fell race. She also introduces Mark to her friend Debbie who is involved in orienteering. Elizabeth gives Seth his cheques. He realises that Eric has conned him. Debbie tries to give Mark advice about his training. Archie refuses to commit himself to Zoe again. She is fed up with him. Kim wants to discuss her settlement with Frank, but Frank ruins things by telling her that he loves her.


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