Franklin is enraged to discover Dryden had stayed at Crossthwaite's Cottage whilst he was away, worried about what people would think. Diana hits back, reminding him he didn't care when he was drinking himself silly. Later, he is cool towards Dryden and disallows him to explain himself.


Franklin finds out from Henry that Dry spent the night at Crossthwaite's Cottage while he was away. Reverend Ruskin calls to see Annie and tells her about the advice he gave Letty. Annie reacts badly believing Letty should divorce Mick, but doesn't want to interfere too much as she believes it's Letty's choice. Franklin confronts Diana about Dry spending the night at the cottage. She tells him it was the night the fuses blew a few weeks ago and that Dry couldn't get the wire until the morning. She assures him he slept on the chair and she slept upstairs. Franklin loses his temper, worried about what people think. Diana points out that he never cared what people thought when he was drinking himself silly at various pubs in Bradford turning himself into a laughing stock, but now he thinks he's caught her out it suddenly matters what people will think. Henry catches Amos thinking about Ethel. He tries to make him realise that Ethel was only interested in his money, but some of Ethel's words have lingered with Amos and he wonders whether Henry was genuinely looking out for him with Ethel or just making sure he wasn't planning to get married at all. Letty arrives at the farm to see Annie. While waiting for Sam to find her, she asks if Dry has ever lived in London and if he thinks she'd be able to get a job there. He informs her that living in London is expensive. Sam is unable to find Annie and Letty leaves. Dry walks her to the village. Dry arrives at Crossthwaite's Cottage to take measurements for the cupboard. Franklin is frosty with him and Diana warns him that he's found out that Dry stayed the night. Dry tries to explain to Franklin, but Franklin cuts him off saying he doesn't listen to gossip.


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