Elizabeth is still furious with Eric about deceiving Seth. She refuses to make him any breakfast. Sarah arrives at the lambing shed where Jack has been working all night. It is her birthday, but Jack seems to have forgotten. Eric doesn't seem to feel at all guilty about cheating Seth. Sangeeta realises that Rachel is going to see Michael. Eric tries to give Archie some money for Alice, he really just wants to get back in Elizabeth's good books. Zoe tells Kathy that she is not going to take the Edinburgh job. Frank is in a bad mood at the fish farm. Sangeeta tells Jayesh that Rachel has gone to see Michael. Frank notices that the stock levels are down at the fish farm. He takes it out on Elizabeth. Archie is determined to tell Seth to leave tonight. Jayesh is annoyed with Rachel, but she stands up for herself. Jack has arranged a surprise party for Sarah tonight. Archie doesn't set a place for Seth for tea and is about to tell him to leave, but then he gives them both some of Meg's ornaments and they can't say anything. Lorraine calls to see Lynn. Sarah is getting more upset as she thinks that Jack has forgotten her birthday. Lorraine finally apologises to Lynn for stealing from her. She also tells Lynn that Michael did break his curfew. Seth tells Nick and Archie that he is having a party at The Woolpack for all his friends. Sarah finally gets her birthday party. Annie arrives by taxi at Emmerdale Farm. She looks through the window into the main room, and cannot understand why the place is abandoned, and the power is off. She tries to phone but the phone line is cut off. Jayesh tells Rachel to stop seeing Michael and they row. Jack tells Sarah that Hawthorn Cottage is theirs. Annie looks round the farmhouse and then tries the telephone. Seth tells Nick and Archie that he is ready to go home. He also admits that he hates all the ornaments that he has been giving away. Jack is pulling his first pint in The Woolpack when Annie walks in and demands to know what is going on.


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