Annie has stayed at Mill Cottage overnight. Kathy is worried about her, but she seems quite happy cooking a full breakfast for Chris. Jack and Sarah argue about what they should tell her about the condemned farmhouse. Frank has got another hangover. Archie thinks of an excuse to go to Home Farm so that he can see Zoe. Rachel has come home for a break. Mark guesses that she has had an argument with Jayesh. Archie catches up with Zoe. He calls her selfish. She is still telling him that she is going to Edinburgh. The beer salesman is outside The Woolpack again. Eric is crawling around Elizabeth, but it is not working. The beer salesman tries to con Sarah into signing an order. She is preoccupied and agrees. Mark and Seth put up new fencing at the fish farm. Mark wonders why Seth is giving a party at The Woolpack. Chris calls to see Joe at the holiday village. He sees Joe talking to Kim. Frank is in a bad mood and takes it out on Seth and Mark. Chris confronts Kim and Joe and asks what she is doing there. She claims to be around to get ideas for her divorce settlement. Eric wants Elizabeth to forgive him, but she tells him to beg for Seth's forgiveness, not hers. Seth overhears this. Frank orders a cocktail of spirits from Lynn. Annie has helped Sarah with the food for Seth's party. She seems to have accepted that Jack and Sarah had to move out of the farm, but Sarah thinks that she has been affected more than she is willing to admit. Eric asks to speak to Seth. He finds it difficult to apologise and Seth makes him squirm. Sarah tries to encourage Annie to come to the party, but she refuses. Rachel is just telling Mark that she and Jayesh are finished when he walks into The Woolpack. Joe asks Lynn why she is serving Frank. She claims to be keeping an eye on him. Jayesh apologises to Rachel. He knows that he has been possessive and they kiss. Archie is depressed. Kathy tells Nick that Zoe is not going to Edinburgh. He then tells Archie.


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