Lorraine is waiting for the post. She tells Carol that she is expecting an invitation to a party. Archie is upset at the way Zoe has treated him. Debbie turns up at the Nelsons. It looks like she and Lorraine have played an April Fools' Day joke on Carol. Chris tells Frank that Joe was talking to Kim yesterday about the divorce settlement at the holiday village. Eric and Carol are both waiting for the bus to Hotten. He talks to her about Elizabeth. She is still ignoring him. Carol suggests buying her some flowers. Frank is furious when he cannot find Joe at the holiday village. Kathy tells Sarah that Annie has been doing all the housework at Mill Cottage. Carol storms into the council offices in Hotten and demands to know what the bailiffs letter is all about that she has received this morning. She then realises what the date is. Lorraine and Debbie laugh at Carol. Jack tells Joe that Frank is looking for him. Eric arrives at the fish farm with a bouquet of flowers. Frank is going mad with Mark for shooting at crows instead of herons. Mark tries to tell Frank that it is against the law to shoot herons, but he grabs the gun anyway and points it at Mark. Eric dashes over and persuades Frank to put the gun down. Zoe refuses to speak to Archie in the village. Carol has found Lorraine's joke funny. Mark and Eric are a bit shaken up after the gun experience. Zoe admits that she is not going to Edinburgh after all, but she doesn't want Archie anymore. Chris warns Joe to stay away from Kim because Frank doesn't like it. The Woolpack gossip is about Frank's behaviour. Debbie and Mark flirt with each other. Lorraine is jealous. Kathy is sympathetic towards Annie. She is hurt because her family did not tell her about the move. Frank gets angry with Nick. Annie admits that she feels bitter towards her family. Elizabeth has forgiven Eric because of his bravery. Joe arrives at Home Farm. Frank bans him from seeing Kim on his property in future. Joe quits his job.


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  • A council worker is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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