Mark is moving into a cabin at the holiday village. Jack is hooked on Robert's gameboy. Sarah wants to phone Annie. Archie has got a hangover and Nick waves a fried breakfast in front of him. Seth arrives and recommends a hangover cure. Nick reminds Archie that he has got fell racing practice this morning. Elizabeth is feeling better this morning. Alan visits her. She asks him if he met anyone special and he says no. Rachel is back in Beckindale for the fell race with Jayesh and Sangeeta. They want to back out. Frank has not turned up at an important business meeting. Joe covers for him. A driver has not turned in at the haulage firm. Frank arrives back at Home Farm and causes a scene in front of the client. He throws Joe out reminding him that he is sacked. Kim meets an old friend in the riding shop. She is embarrassed when she is refused credit. Kathy takes a lorry out herself. Kim is furious that she has been blacklisted by the saddler. Frank storms into the nursery flat and tells Joe to move out within the hour. Chris demands to know what Kathy is doing driving the HGV. He takes the keys from her. Seth is betting on the fell race. The contestants are all having a break in The Woolpack. Kathy and Chris row about her delivering the load. Joe meets Jack and Sarah at Hawthorn Cottage. He asks to stay with them for a while. Chris bans Kathy from driving and she leaves. Lorraine and Debbie show everyone the fell race route. Mark has bought Seth a new bike. Jack gloats about Joe being jobless and homeless. Rachel thinks about cheating in the race tomorrow. She is going to bribe Lorraine. Frank tells Chris about sacking Joe. Chris is annoyed with him. Lorraine cons £20 out of Rachel to fix the race. Mark invites Debbie to the pictures next week. Elizabeth asks Rachel to write to Michael again. She advises her not to lie to Jayesh, but Rachel tells her to mind her own business.


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