Lorraine hammers the last signpost in for the fell runners. Rachel and her team pack up all their supplies for the race. Jayesh and Sangeeta are not looking forward to it. Joe is helping out at the farm. Alan is preparing a new cocktail and tries it out on Lynn. She doesn't like it. Lorraine tells Mark that Rachel is up to something to win the race. He tells Nick and Archie and they plan their revenge. Kathy tells Chris that he is a male chauvinist. Robert starts the fell race. Kathy goes out and leaves Chris. Mark and his team are in front. Frank ignores Joe at The Woolpack. Kim then turns up. She invites Joe to dinner with some friends next week. Lorraine tells Rachel and the team that she has sent the other team off in the wrong direction. After a while though Rachel realises that they have been double crossed and are lost on the fells. Kathy sits with Frank in the wine bar. He has been drinking heavily already. Rachel prepares Sangeeta for a night on the fells. Robert shows Kim his gameboy. Mark, Nick and Archie arrive back at The Woolpack. They are the winners. Frank sees Kim and Joe in The Woolpack and causes trouble. He takes a swing at Joe and ends up on the floor. Chris has to pick him up. He apologises to Kathy for stopping her driving a lorry. Frank tells Archie that Zoe has gone away with a boyfriend. Joe gets worried about Rachel and Seth thinks they are taking too long. Mark and Lorraine look guilty. Frank is getting drunker. Mark has admitted changing the signs. Joe is furious and goes off to look for them. Frank is thinking how he has let Kim down. Lynn tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Rachel and the others are nowhere to be seen on the fells. Lynn has taken Frank home. Joe has called the fell rescue team. Rachel, Sangeeta and Jayesh arrive back at The Woolpack. They have been in a pub in Hotten. Joe is furious at their thoughtlessness and gives them all a telling off.


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