Jack and Sarah are finally moving all their furniture out of the farmhouse. Sarah finds some old photographs belonging to Annie. Annie is at Mill Cottage looking sad. She tells Kathy that she doesn't want to go up to the farm. Jack looks round the empty attic room. He remembers Robert's birth and talks about his sister Peggy. Joe arrives and opens the champagne. Kathy tells them that Annie doesn't want to see them until they start including her in their plans. Kathy is a driver short when her mum turns up. Caroline is worried about Alan. She suggests to Kathy that she drives the lorry. Jayesh finds a letter from Michael to Rachel. Kathy climbs into the cab in a short skirt. Caroline has been and bought a couple of Yorkies. Sarah feels bad about Annie. Rachel is furious when she discovers Jayesh reading her mail. Kathy is late meeting Chris for lunch. He doesn't approve of her taking the lorry out, but Kathy and Caroline make fun of him. Rachel has bought some new clothes. She tells Jayesh that she is not going to stop seeing Michael. Lorraine's social worker, Beth, is waiting to see her. She wants to help her with her art work. Sarah calls at Mill Cottage. Annie gets upset when she talks about the farm and how she feels excluded. She also feels old. Sarah apologises and leaves. Mark invites Lorraine and Debbie to tea. They let Lynn down because they had promised to waitress. Archie is taking Zoe to the wine bar. Lorraine storms out of Mark's chalet when Mark and Debbie ignore her. Lynn has dinner at Home Farm with Frank. Hawthorn Cottage is a real mess. Jack is fuming about Annie's behaviour. Lynn feigns tiredness when Frank starts to proposition her. He invites her to stay the night, but she turns him down. Zoe disappoints Archie when she says that she just wants to be friends. Lorraine is upset as she watches Mark's chalet. When she looks inside she sees Debbie and Mark kissing and then throws a rock through the window.


Regular cast

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  • Robert Sugden is credited but does not appear.
  • A removal man is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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