Jack and Joe are looking at wallpaper samples for Annie's bedroom. Robert is still playing on his gameboy. Sarah is worried about him. Alan cannot understand when a delivery of bloodaxe lager is made to The Woolpack as he didn't order it, but then discovers Sarah's signature on the order form. Sarah thinks that Jack and Joe should ask Annie about the wallpaper. Alan sits on the barrels in protest. The delivery man calls him an overweight garden gnome. Elizabeth is looking forward to Michael coming home. She wants to buy him some new clothes. Jack and Sarah look round the farm and note it needs a lot of work. Caroline manages to get the delivery of lager taken away. Jack looks on the new farm as a second chance. Alan appreciates Caroline's help. Chris is about to sign a big deal when Frank turns up at the yard. Carol is praising Lorraine's artistic talent. Frank embarrasses Chris in front of Mr Emmerson. He then drives into his car. Mark tells Carol about Lorraine throwing the brick through his chalet window. Emmerson drives off without signing the contract. Chris takes Frank's car keys from him. Carol confronts Lorraine about the chalet incident. Lorraine is just jealous. She then tells Carol that she has left school. She has got a job in a canning factory. Carol is appalled. Frank arrives in The Woolpack with a bouquet of flowers. He embarrasses Lynn by bringing up the other night in front of Eric and Seth. They snigger at his bright jacket. Alan admits to Caroline that he is lonely. He lied about enjoying the cruise. They have a toast and Alan tells her that he needs her. He then proposes again. Frank is drinking with strangers in The Woolpack. He is getting drunk again. Caroline turns Alan down.


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