Franklin feels out of place in the village and asks Diana if she's settled in yet. She tells him he may settle if he stays, but Franklin wants to move to London. Meanwhile, Dryden helps Letty and gives her some good advice.


When Diana leaves the room, under his breath, Franklin asks Dry about his overnight stay. Dry assures him he slept on the sofa and nothing happened. Christine talks to Annie about Joe's intentions to get her an engagement ring. She explains that she thinks the money will be better spent on the house. Joe and Matt find Dry sitting in The Woolpack in thought. Dry expresses interest in getting the attic finished as soon as possible. Franklin tells Diana that he doesn't want to go to London for his meeting in a few days. He suggests she go with him and asks if she likes it in the village. She says she does and she doesn't think it will take long for her to settle in, but points out that it will take longer for him unless he makes the place his permanent home. Henry calls at the farm and offers to run Christine and Joe to Leeds for the engagement ring while he heads over. Annie comes up with an excuse for Joe not to go. When Henry leaves, she gives Joe her engagement ring which in turn came from Jacob's mother. Letty visits Dry at the Forge. She talks to him about Reverend Ruskin wanting her to change her faith to Roman Catholic, but her mother says she'll take the children away from her and disown her. Dryden says that she must not let anyone tell her what to do and do what she wants. He fears that she's misjudged what the Vicar was telling her. She gets up quickly to leave and Dry grabs her and informs her that if she needs to talk he'll be at the Forge. Henry speaks to Percy Benskip about adding three bathrooms to The Woolpack and he's interested; Amos isn't. Diana speaks to Dry about how he managed to stop Franklin from drinking. She's bewildered how he managed to do it when she was trying for years. She explains that Franklin doesn't choose to drink and that it's something that comes with his job. Dry suggests that Franklin reconsider his priorities.


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