Caroline has made Alan a full breakfast, but he feels really embarrassed about last night. Elizabeth is madly cleaning up in preparation for Michael coming home. Caroline tries to reassure Alan that he didn't make a fool of himself. She just wants them to remain friends. Elizabeth interrupts them. Rachel is touchy today as Sangeeta asks questions about Michael. Joe is going to see Chris with Kim. Jack is annoyed because he wanted him to go and see Annie with him. Caroline decides to take Alan on a picnic. Nick gives Seth a couple of bags of fertiliser from Home Farm. He expects Frank to be bothered, but he actually offers Seth a lift. Alan pours his heart out to Caroline. He admits that he drove to the red light area of Leeds one night, although he didn't stop. Caroline hugs him. Caroline has to tell Alan that she loves him, but only as a friend. She tries to reassure him that his depression will pass. Annie will not discuss wallpaper with Jack. She thinks that it is trivial. She then tells him that she has no intention of ever moving into Hawthorn Cottage. Frank overhears that Michael is due home today. Jack and Annie row. Kim and Joe arrive at the haulage firm to see Chris. Lorraine is feeling used by everyone. Rachel and Jayesh set off for the concert in Bristol. Kim tries to talk to Chris about Frank's behaviour at the moment. She is worried about the businesses. Sangeeta is revising when Michael turns up looking for Rachel. Kim suggests to Chris that they work together to remove Frank as chairman of the company. Jack is worrying about Annie. Kim threatens Chris that she is going to take action against Frank. Michael has stayed late with Sangeeta. She goes off to bed and lets him wait for Rachel. He goes upstairs and cuddles one of her pillows.


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