After having second thoughts, Diana admits she feels like Beckindale isn't home and she and Franklin make plans to move elsewhere. Meanwhile, Letty is shocked to discover Mick has gone and taken her kids.


Dry tells Reverend Ruskin that Letty told him that he wanted her to change her faith. He says that she fears the idea. Franklin is surprised when Diana makes a point of saying that Beckindale doesn't feel like home. Henry discovers that Dick Robertshaw hasn't made any progress with the stairs for the attic yet as Matt and Joe both thought the other were arranging the order. He warns Dry off being seen with Letty in case Mick thinks he's having an affair with her. Joe tells Christine he wants to meet her mother and father. He presents her with her engagement ring. Diana and Franklin realise they've made a mistake coming to Beckindale and decide to leave. Joe and Christine approach Reverend Ruskin to arrange a time to visit him at the Vicarage. A tearful Letty turns up in The Woolpack saying Mick's taken the children.


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