Dorrie is enraged that everyone gets to vote about whether or not Letty gets to remain on the mother's union, including Letty.


Reverend Ruskin and P.C. Hallam share a drink after a long night of settling a disturbance at the Brewers'. Dorrie calls a special meeting at the Mother's Union about Letty after seeing Father Dougan leaving her house. Henry decides to start dieting. Amos consults books for ideas for the pub "muriel". Liz isn't pleased with how Reverend Ruskin is handling the Brewer situation. Amos has a spring in his step when Briddy calls at The Woolpack and charmingly asks him if he's lost weight. Dry and Joe begin painting the walls at the farmhouse. The villagers gather in The Woolpack to watch a dominoes contest between Briddy and Walter; Walter wins. Matt decides that he doesn't want Samuel to attend a boarding school. Henry isn't pleased. Reverend Ruskin recruits Annie to help him when Dorrie arrives at the Vicarage ranting about Letty. Annie tells Dorrie that every member of the Mother's Union is entitled to a vote on whether divorced women should be allowed a place on the committee, including Letty until a decision is made. Dorrie leaves in a rage.


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