Noticing how drained she looks, Frank persuades Zoe to take a break from her rounds and rest, even though she only did so for two hours. Jack and Sarah finally get to the bottom of Robert's distress when he tells them that everybody at school is mocking him and calling him thick. Alan is escorted to Skipdale Police Station when the same policewoman who shooed him from a doorway catches him trying to get into his car after losing his keys, and instantly thinks the worst. It doesn't take long for the gossip to spread around the village of Beckindale of Alan's actions, and Lynn goes to his rescue. Frank summons Kim to a meeting and informs her that he is unable to pay her settlement and she isn't happy. He decides to put a stop on the sale of the haulage firm in the belief it will help patch things up with Chris. Kim gives him the deadline of the end of the month to settle the settlement. Rachel's shocked when Elizabeth tells her that Joe and Lynn are courting. A teasing Steve Marshal turns up in The Woolpack and threatens Elizabeth with his presence.


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  • The policewoman who escorts Alan to Skipdale Police Station is uncredited despite having dialogue.
  • The theme tune for the end credits of this episode saw a slight variation from the regular beat. The piece was given a more reverb effect.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,830,000 viewers (25th place).
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