Diana shares one final meal with Dryden before leaving for Bradford. Meanwhile, Dryden receives a complaint from George about subletting the Forge.


Henry marvels at the work done at the farmhouse. Liz and Reverend Ruskin argue over how to handle the Brewer situation. Diana buys a duck from the Sugdens for a special meal with Franklin. Father Dougan invites Liz and Reverend Ruskin to dinner. Briddy turns up in The Woolpack with a male companion, Colin. Henry begins making plans to renovate the existing accommodation at The Woolpack. Colin recognises Dry at the bar and informs Briddy that he's part of an extremely wealthy family in Surrey. Alison persuades Matt to at least consider putting Samuel down on the list for a school, pointing out he doesn't have to go through with it if he changes his mind. Diana's disappointed when Franklin won't be returning from work in time for her meal. When Dry drops off her duck, she invites him to stay to eat it. P.C. Hallam receives a complaint from George over Dryden subletting the Forge without permission. Diana expresses her wishes to Dry that Franklin was home more. She reflects on their past before he started working so much. Dry gives her the idea of getting another duck from the farm and going over to Bradford that night to be waiting for him when he arrives at their flat in the morning.


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