Scott wakes his family up by blaring his tapes. Frank receives his report from the Detective Agency. Annie tries to get Kathy to find out where Chris is but she insists he'll return when he wants to. Eric tells Elizabeth he kept one of his credit cards but has now lost it and is being billed for items he didn't purchase. Vic and Viv reach the end of their tether with Scott and leave him behind at the campsite as they go off with Kelly and Donna to explore the countryside. Frank summons Elizabeth to Home Farm. He accuses her and Eric of writing the cheques and fires her. Jack apologises to Annie for how they treated her. Elizabeth returns home and finds a police car outside her house and wonders if Eric is responsible for the stolen cheques. Eric leads the police to believe that Steve Marshal was responsible for both the theft of his credit card and the company cheques. Elizabeth breaks the news that she's been sacked because of it. Sgt MacArthur plans to talk to Frank. Scott winds up the campsite in his family's absence by blaring his tapes. He gets his stereo confiscated. Rachel congratulates Lorraine on being accepted on an Art course at Skipdale College. Alan leaves The Woolpack regulars with gaping mouths as he arrives at the pub with Shirley. He cooks dinner for her in the backroom but is interrupted by Carol requiring a barrel to be changed. Shirley offers to change the barrel for him and amuses Alan by winding Carol up in the process. Eric treats Elizabeth to dinner at the wine bar. Elizabeth isn't sure if she'd accept her job back if Frank offers it to her again. Eric tries to persuade her to take it when he does.


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