Sarah decides to take action on the creation of the farm shop. She seeks redemption in Frank Tate to see if he will become the company's silent investor. He agrees, but on the condition, he speaks to both her and Jack first. The villagers seem to be getting more and more clued up on who the culprits are behind The Beckindale Press, and the real rascals are the number one suspects. When Scott reaches the front page news, the Windsor's set out to take their revenge, and Scott performs a fake drowning, publicly humiliating Debbie in the process. The barrier of Michael in Rachel's and Jayesh's relationship is becoming more and more vibrant, and Rachel is doing nothing in her strive to solve the problem. Frank's trembling from his lack of alcohol consumption, and is finding Zoe's revelation a real struggle, Archie tries to broaden his narrow-mind. Life at the Sugden's will never be the same again when Sarah tells Jack that she's pregnant.


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  • From this episode onwards, Scottish Television would transmit Emmerdale at 17.10, using the traditional 19.00 slot for regional programming such as Take the High Road.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,200,000 viewers (15th place - combined figure including repeat).
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