Liz tries to get Edward to end his feud with Wally, to no avail. Meanwhile, Joe worries when he rings Robert but doesn't get a call back.


Joe rings Christine's father but is unable to get hold of him; he leaves a message. Dryden decides to have a word with George. Reverend Ruskin and Liz arrive home from lunch with Father Dougan. Liz still thinks Reverend Ruskin is still handling the situation with Letty wrongly. Henry has his eye on the Sugdens old sofa for The Woolpack, whilst Joe has his eye on it for his attic. Amos receives a call from somebody asking to book the entire Woolpack hotel, but refusing to specify how many rooms they want. Thinking it's a practical joke, he hangs up. Liz fears that soon the village will be split between those who are pro-Ruskin and anti-Ruskin. She asks Reverend Ruskin to stop antagonising Wally, but he refuses to stand back from the situation. A well-dressed couple walk into The Woolpack look around and walk out again. Joe frets about why Christine's father hasn't called him back. Matt has a drink with Alison's friend, Louise, in The Woolpack. She tells him that she's grateful for the support he's given Alison considering her friends deserted her after she came "out". Matt's puzzled.


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  • From this episode onwards, the 'Writer' credit appears in the opening credits, rather than the closing credits.
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