Edward realises he has made a mistake upon discovering Letty has visited Father Dougan. Meanwhile, Joe and Christine set a wedding date, whilst Dryden goes sour when Celia finds him in The Woolpack.


Annie sets off for the Mother's Union meeting, where a decision is to be made on Letty's membership. Joe and Christine go to see Reverend Ruskin to arrange a date for the wedding. Annie interrupts to inform them on the outcome of the Mother's Union meeting, saying Dorrie has informed everyone of Letty visiting Father Dougan. Reverend Ruskin realises he's made a mistake. Henry's plans for The Woolpack unnerve Amos, but he tells him to go ahead with them. Henry's puzzled when The Woolpack keeps receiving phone calls asking to book a room. He's perplexed further when Amos informs him that someone has booked out The Feathers Country Hotel. Joe tries to get hold of Christine's father again but is unable. He's convinced he's avoiding him. Christine suggests they just go ahead and get married but Joe isn't keen. The villagers gossip about Letty and Reverend Ruskin in The Woolpack. Amos is embarrassed when Reverend Ruskin overhears him discussing him. Dry says he plans to camp up the top field of Emmerdale Farm if George evicts him from the forge, and says he likes it in Beckindale and plans to stay in the village. However, Dry's mood then turns sour when Celia tracks him down in The Woolpack.


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