Leonard and Annie are sat at Tenant House ready for Joe to take them to the airport. Joe demands that Mark takes Lynn's vacuum cleaner back when she calls again. He reminds Jack to see the contractors to sort out the access over Skipdale Bridge for the tractor. Frank ponders over a wrapped present at Home Farm. Kathy packs up her stuff and leaves a note for Chris. She's unsure whether she's doing the right thing but telephones Josh and tells him she loves him. Elizabeth is cold towards Eric. He tells her that he has managed to convince the police that she made up the stories about his involvement defrauding Frank but she is determined to see him go to prison. She leaves to babysit Alice. The Dickensian night at The Woolpack for Seth's prostate problem gets underway. Alan is dressed as Charles Dickens while Shirley is Nell Gwyn. The Windsors arrive at Kim's stables to see Sampson. Frank drives up and watches them all from a distance. Kathy comes across her wedding album as she packs. Jack is annoyed that the contractors have not cleared Skipdale Bridge. Eric barges into 3 Demdyke Row and demands to know what Elizabeth is planning. Nick gets angry at a remark Lynn makes about him and Archie being gay, worried about how the rumours will affect his custody of Alice. Archie storms out after Seth winds him up and Nick goes after him. Seth gets thrown out of the pub by Alan after he winds him up as well and makes his way to The Malt Shovel. Eric demands the papers regarding the Roman bracelet from Elizabeth. She slaps him when she finds out he's been going through her things and demands he stay with Alice until she clears up the mess he's made at home. Eric follows her out the door leaving Alice alone. Frank continues to wait outside Kim's stables when suddenly a ball of fire comes through the air and strikes the stables. Nick and Archie are walking home when they are blinded by fluid. Archie is engulfed in flames. The villagers pause in The Woolpack as a rumbling sound is heard around the building. Suddenly, the windows explode and the blast knocks everyone to the floor. Joe is forced to run the car off the road and crashes into a tree as he avoids a plane wing alight with flames that hurtles towards them. Frank rushes to help Kim and the Windsors. Kim rushes to the horses as explosions go off around them. Nick blindly searches around for Archie. Frank narrowly saves Kim from an explosion as she attempts to save her horses. He convinces her to call the fire brigade instead. The McAllisters look out onto the village, wondering what could have happened. Frank, Kim and the Windsors attempt to put out the fires as best as they can while waiting for the fire brigade. Frank orders Kim to remove her stuff from the caravan before it explodes before deciding to go back to the village to see what has happened. Kathy tries to make a call but discovers the lines are down. She leaves the house and takes the note for Chris with her. Leonard, Annie and Joe lay unconscious in the car. A shocked Zoe arrives at The Woolpack to find the place in darkness and everyone unconscious. Jack and Sarah look on at the flames in the village. Jack decides to go and help.


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Memorable dialogue

Jessica McAllister: "You don't think it's a nuclear attack, do you?"
Bernard McAllister: "No, no, no, of course not. Who'd want to do such a thing in this day and age?"
Luke McAllister: "Iraq. The Serbs. The IRA..."

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