Nick is still blinded and wandering around looking for Archie. Frank drives through the village and looks at the devastation. The McAllisters prepare aid boxes. Kim listens helplessly as her horses scream for help. People in The Woolpack begin to come round. Frank arrives and finds Zoe. Josh can't get through to the village because of Skipdale Bridge. Frank is organising everyone at The Woolpack. The wine bar has been destroyed. Lynn starts to panic about Peter. Josh decides to try and wade across the river. Bernard tells his family to be prepared for bad injuries when they go to the village. Kim just gets out of her caravan in time before it explodes. Kathy arrives in the village and finds Frank who tells her to go to The Woolpack. Lynn rushes off to Peter with Zoe following her. Eric is wandering around looking for Elizabeth. Alan tells Shirley that there are fatalities in the village. Kim knows that Dark Star is dead. Joe comes round in the car, he has injured his leg and cannot wake Annie. Josh, Frank and Jack find each other. They decide to do something about Skipdale Bridge so that the fire brigade can get through. Frank asks Jack to sort out some lights. Kim watches her stables burn. Samson has been saved but she cries at the loss of her horses. Viv comforts her. Alan has made a list of those villagers who are missing - the Hutchinsons, Jack and Kay McGuire, Mary and Jimmy Baldwin, Nick and Alice, Archie, Chris, Elizabeth and Seth. Shirley thinks Eric is behaving strangely. The McAllisters help the wounded. Luke has had to break into the post office for supplies. Kathy and Josh meet up, she hasn't changed her mind about leaving Chris. Jack and Frank tackle the bridge, they try and lay some pipes. Lynn finds her house is on fire but she's relieved to that Peter and the babysitter got out okay. Mark lies under rubble with his arm sticking out clutching the vacuum cleaner. A fire engine arrives at the bridge. Lynn comforts baby Peter. The Windsors leave Kim just as she finds a rosette belonging to Dark Star. Angharad comes across some bodies. More emergency services arrive at the bridge. Angharad arrives at The Woolpack in tears and asks Bernard to follow her. Frank notices the plane engine still smoking near the bridge. Angharad takes Alan and Bernard and shows them the bodies. Alan picks up a plane ticket with the company name "Kurskov Internationale Aeroskals" on it, he notices more wreckage in the field and it becomes more clear what has happened.


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