Everyone is shocked upon discovering Dryden has absconded. Meanwhile, Christine's plans for her wedding don't match Joe's.


Dry's tent is still erected in a field at Emmerdale Farm, but Dry is nowhere to be seen. Matt invites Alison to Beattie's birthday get together. Mrs. Dawkins informs them both that Dry has returned the keys to the Forge to Dolly Harker. Celia drives around looking for Dry and notices his tent. She asks her driver to stop, and she sees someone leaving the tent from afar. Thinking it is Dry, she rushes over but it is Joe. Joe mildly scolds her for leaving the gate open which could let all the sheep out. Neither Joe or Celia are able to locate Dry. He appears to have absconded. Amos is persuaded to make a handsome contribution to Reverend Ruskin's fête. Amos sees Henry rifling through some old belongings under the bar of The Woolpack. He says some of the belongings, such as the pictures and the Dale Breweries certificates belonged to his predecessor. Unaware that Dry has moved on, Henry later says that Dry can make frames for some of these old pictures. Joe's annoyed when Christine tells him she's going shopping with Celia in Harrogate rather than helping him on the farm. Reverend Ruskin worries about the villagers finding out about Alison's past. Christine returns with a wedding dress. She's also bought Joe a wedding shirt and found a place to hire an Edwardian suit for him. She tells him she wants an Edwardian wedding. Joe isn't keen.


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