Alan and Shirley are packing for their honeymoon. Amos arrives by surprise to act as his best man. Viv is annoyed that Vic is having the afternoon off for the wedding. She is also annoyed that Vic is being charged for his attack on the looter. He asks her to come with him. Donna and Chloe go to the den and leave bread and milk. Caroline arrives at the hospital and walks in on Seth getting dressed. Jack and Sarah talk about Lynn. Sarah feels sorry for her. Robert asks Jack and Sarah when they will get married. Zoe and Kim finish painting. Frank is going to see Chris and the consultant in Sheffield. He plans to sell Chris's truck but Kim tells him not to. Vic has attached Samson to the carriage from Wally's yard. Eric's insurance money from Elizabeth has arrived - so has a policeman who asks about the missing cheques from Home Farm. He asks if Elizabeth was in a disturbed mental state. Eric opens the letter and finds a cheque for £20,000. He tells Michael half of it is for Michael and Elsa. Alan and Shirley leave for the wedding in the horse-drawn carriage. Seth and Amos, the two best men, bump into each other at the wedding. Shirley asks Seth to give her away. They get married. Bernard and Angharad get the children to decorate The Woolpack. Jack proposes to Sarah. She tells him she will think about it. A strange photographer takes pictures of the wedding party. Viv refuses to go to the reception. The Woolpack is full of partygoers. Alan, Bernard and Eric support Vic over beating the looter up. Seth lets slip that Vic is applying for a drinks licence. Alan is outraged. Amos gives a speech and a toast. Jack and Sarah leave Annie in the hospital. Jack asks her again. Alan gives a speech and cuts the cake. Kim and Zoe worry about Frank, he arrives in The Woolpack looking very down then runs out. He tells Kim that Chris will never walk again.


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