Seth discovers he won't get any money for the loss of his house. Michael pledges to his mother's grave he will "get" Eric. Frank discusses a business idea with Jack and Sarah, they're interested. Nick and Elsa argue about Alice's future, Nick thinks she will be using underhand tactics to get full custody. Alan and Shirley return home from honeymoon and Vic accidentally reveals why the work has been delayed. Alan is happy to receive a card from Terence and tries to convince Shirley to try track down her family. Kathy and Nick seek Frank's advice about Alice. He advises Nick to hit back and points out that Elsa is way out of line, and he gives Nick some great advice. Vic is proud of the pianola he's just bought and tries to sell it to Shirley and Alan. Viv gossips about Jessica and is told off by Angharad. Seth is shocked when Vic reveals Alan is planning to sell the Fish & Game Farm. Kathy tells Nick she doesn't love Chris and was planning to run off with Josh before the plane crash. She feels her life is now ruined but she cannot leave Chris. Donna convinces Michael to give her a ride in the tractor and to get him to drive fast. Joe berates Michael for being lazy. He knows Michael has a grudge against Eric but it should not affect his work. Joe and Scott are horrified as Michael swerves to avoid a dog and flips the tractor on a dirt pile.


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