Alice is back in Beckindale. Jack and Joe discuss entering the ploughing competition. Kathy asks Frank's advice about Nick, Alice and Chris. Chris struggles in his wheelchair. Seth needs a new job. Alan has created a well inside The Woolpack - it is fake, not Viking. The Woolpack is reopening. The village is full of rumours about Jessica being pregnant. Lynn advises Viv to sue Joe. Jessica plays a trick on her dad by asking for advice for a pregnant 'friend'. Zoe visits Chris who is depressed about Kathy. Seth asks Lynn for a job and is upset when she laughs at him. Viv tells Joe she plans to sue him. Zoe and Frank worry about Kathy's future with Chris. Michael shows Dermot Bishop Elizabeth's life insurance policy to prove that Eric killed her for her money. Seth tells Nick he is all washed up.


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